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What is Right of Way - Definition & Factors Affecting RoW澳博游戏网址二维码地址

The right of way is the total land area acquired for the construction of the roadway. Its width should be enough to accommodate all the elements of the roadway cross section, any future widening of the road and any public utility facilities that will be installed along the roadway. Right of way is the area of the road acquired for carriages way + other
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Types of GeoTextiles澳博游戏网址在线

Geotextiles are permeable fabrics, generally made from fibers of Polypropylene, Polyester, Polyamide, and Polyethylene. The common types of Geotextiles are woven or non-woven.
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Factors Affecting Soil Compaction澳博游戏网址二维码地址

As water is added to a soil ( at low moisture content) it becomes easier for the particles to move past one another during the application of the compacting forces. As the soil compacts the voids are reduced and this causes the dry unit weight ( or dry density) to increase. Increased compactive effort enables greater dry unit weights to be achieved
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Comparison of Coarse-Grained and Fine-Grained Soils for Engineering Use澳博游戏网址安卓网址

The main groups of soils for engineering purposes are coarse-grained soils — sand and gravels — and fine-grained soils — silts and clays. It is important to know the differences between fine-grained and coarse-grained soils so that to make a decision related to soil composition and particle sizes.
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Unified Soil Classification System - USCS Chart澳博游戏网址ios官网

The Unified Soil Classification System is based on the airfield soil classification system developed by Casagrande during World War II. With some modification it was jointly adopted by several U.S. government agencies in 1952. Additional refinements were made and it is currently standardized as ASTM D 2487-93. It is used in the U.S. and much
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AASHTO Soil Classification System - AASHTO Chart澳博游戏网址首页代理

The AASHTO Soil Classification System classifies soils into seven primary groups, named A-1 through A-7, based on their relative expected quality for road embankments, sub-grades, sub-bases, and bases. Some of the groups are in turn divided into subgroups, such as A-1-a and A-1-b. Furthermore, a Group Index may be calculated to quantify